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Install Artichoke Ruby

Nightly builds Docker Cargo

Pre-compiled nightly builds

Download a prebuilt binary from artichoke/nightly. Binaries are available for Linux, Linux/musl, macOS, and Windows.

These daily binaries track the latest master branch of Artichoke.

Binaries are also distributed through ruby-build. To install with rbenv:

rbenv install artichoke-dev

Using Docker

docker run -it airb

Docker tags are updated nightly. Images are built on Ubuntu, Debian Slim, and Alpine.

Using Cargo

cargo install --git --locked artichoke

Build setup instructions can be found on GitHub.


Build applications with artichoke.

$ artichoke -e "puts RUBY_DESCRIPTION"
artichoke 0.1.0 (2020-04-01 revision 2921) [x86_64-darwin]


Explore with airb.

$ airb
>>> "Hello world!"
=> "Hello world!"