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Install Artichoke Ruby

Artichoke Ruby installs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. New builds are pushed nightly.

Try out a build using one of these installation methods.

Pre-compiled nightly builds

Download a prebuilt binary from artichoke/nightly. Binaries are available for Linux, Linux/musl, macOS, and Windows.

These daily binaries track the latest trunk commit of Artichoke. Binaries are also distributed through ruby-build.

Previous Releases
$ rbenv install artichoke-dev
$ ruby-build artichoke-dev ~/.rubies/artichoke

Docker images

Nightly builds of Artichoke are pushed to Docker Hub. Images are built on Ubuntu 18.04, Debian Buster Slim, and Alpine 3.

These daily images track the latest trunk commit of Artichoke.

On Docker Hub
$ docker run -it airb
Rust Cargo logo

Using Cargo

Artichoke builds and installs using Cargo, the Rust package manager.

Building with Cargo compiles the latest trunk commit of Artichoke.

Build Guide
$ cargo install --git --branch trunk --locked artichoke