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Artichoke Ruby.

Build the next Ruby for Wasm with Artichoke

Bundle Ruby applications into a single Wasm binary with Artichoke, a Ruby made with Rust. The modular interpreter enables running untrusted code.

Artichoke is pre-release software. We're looking for contributors to build a Ruby for pure Wasm targets.

Currently v0.1.0-pre.0 · Previous releases



Install Artichoke Ruby nightly builds with rbenv, Docker, or Cargo.

Nightly builds include artichoke (ruby) and airb (irb) binaries. The Artichoke Ruby Core and Standard Library runtime is bundled in these two artifacts.

Read install guide
$ rbenv install artichoke-dev
$ docker run -it airb
$ cargo install --git --branch trunk --locked artichoke


Stay up to date with project updates on Twitter @artichokeruby.

We'll tweet about Rust, crates we're developing, and new releases.