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Artichoke is a Ruby made with Rust 💎🦀

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Ruby ❤️ WebAssembly

Execute Ruby on the web.

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Artichoke compiles to WebAssembly with Emscripten. We plan to support compiling for wasm32-unknown-unknown targets.


Artichoke targets MRI Ruby 2.6.3.

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If Artichoke does not run Ruby source code in the same way that MRI does, it is a bug. MRI compatibility means supporting a C API, if possible.

Run Untrusted Ruby 👾

Disable sensitive APIs at compile time.


Replace the system environ with a stub, disable Regexp engines susceptible to catastrophic backtracking, or skip packaging parts of the standard library.

💼 Single Binary Apps

Distribute app bundles with ease.


Pack a Ruby VM, application source code, configuration, and native extensions into a single-file bundle. Easy distribution without requiring installation of a Ruby VM.